Women’s Health Month: Five Must-Have Foods for a Woman’s Diet

Women's Health

Ladies, we get it. You love to eat, but you love working your favourite little black number too. The problem is, how do you get away with both? This is a puzzle that plagues the minds of many women. If you do your homework, you can choose food that tastes amazing and satisfies your craving,… 

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Nutty Diet May Dramatically Cut Rate Of Heart Disease


Could WALNUTS prevent heart attack? Two handfuls a day ‘lowers cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease’ Review of 61 studies found walnuts help reduce LDL – ‘bad’ cholesterol The nuts contain key ingredients, including omega-3 and protein Two ounces of walnuts each day linked to strong reduction in cholesterol  High cholesterol increases the risk of… 

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Montagu Walnuts 7 health benefits


Walnuts are tree nuts which have many health benefits and we mention just 7 health benefits attributed to this amazing nut. Find this tasty and very healthy nut at over 85 stores nationwide http://bit.ly/MDFNStores Montagu Walnuts 7 Health Benefits 1. Helps you lose weight Contrary to what people believe, walnuts are actually good for weight management since an ounce… 

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