Red Espresso at Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts Stores


When coffee lover, Carl Pretorious, realised that his habit of six espressos a morning was affecting his health, he came up with the invention for red espresso – a rich and creamy, caffeine free drink that looks just like a regular shot of coffee, however is entirely crafted from tea and boasts five times the… 

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Montagu Pecan Apricot Shortbread


Montagu Pecan Apricot Shortbread….Not just for Christmas!…We hope enjoy this easy recipe 🙂 Find choice grade apricots and pecans at Montagu stores nationwide PECAN AND APRICOT SHORTBREAD  Ingredients 250 g butter 250 ml icing sugar 125 ml corn flour 1 extra large egg yolk 2.5 ml vanilla essence 625 ml cake flour 5 ml baking… 

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Montagu Cranberry, Sunflower and Oats Biscuits Recipe


Montagu Cranberry, Sunflower and Oats Biscuits are easy to make, just follow our recipe. Enjoy! You find the key ingredients from any Montagu store nationwide Ingredients 125 g soft butter 125 ml honey 1 extra large egg 2 ml vanilla essence 500 ml oats 250 ml wholewheat flour 2.5 ml bicarbonate of soda 2.5 ml… 

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Montagu Pears Health Benefits


Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts choice grade pears are useful for a quick energy gain, as they are packed with carbohydrates. Pears contain vitamin C and copper. Vitamin C boosts the immune system; stimulating white blood cells to fight infections and copper protects the body from free radicals. Pears also contain a fair amount of vitamins… 

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Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts Zesty Baklava


Try this recipe for a zesty baklava with Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts choice grade Pistachios and Almonds. So easy to make when you know how and our recipe below will help guide you. Visit any Montagu store nationwide for key ingredients Enjoy! Although leaving it to stand for 6 hours could be tricky… 

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