Franchisee of the Week: Imtiaz Valley

Franchisee of the Week: Imtiaz Valley

Montagu FranchiseMeet our Franchisee of the Week: Imtiaz Valley!

You may recognise him as the friendly face behind all our stores in Pietermaritzburg.

Imtiaz is passionate about the Montagu brand and believes in the value it has always added to people’s lives. “Consumers are moving toward healthier eating and Montagu fits in snugly with this new wave,” he says. “The Montagu brand is also very strong and well recognised.” He personally loves the association with energy, wellbeing and quality that has become synonymous with the Montagu name.

His business journey with us has been one marked by both difficult times and mountaintop highs. “There have certainly been challenges, but ones that can be worked out and which makes the experience rewarding,” he says.

Imtiaz isn’t sure what the future holds as far as expanding his business goes, but might consider it in the near future, “but managing three stores right now is quite demanding,” he says. He believes that every person should consider their own personal circumstances before going into business, as it’s not a journey for the fainthearted.

In his spare time, Imtiaz loves reading, especially non-fiction and historic fiction. As for his favourite Montagu snacks, the ever-popular Roasted and Salted Cashews are winners, hands down.