4 good foods for diabetic people to include in their diets

Good foods for diabetic

On the 14th of November each year, the world acknowledges World Diabetes Day. This international day focusses on raising awareness for the different forms of diabetes. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a health condition that occurs when your blood sugar is too high, and your body either does not make enough insulin (a hormone secreted… 

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The Ultimate Gluten-Free Food List For Your Diet

Gluten Free List-2

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard the term ‘gluten-free’ somewhere; perhaps in the health section of the supermarket, or as an alternative in some of your favourite restaurants. But what does gluten-free even mean? Should you go gluten-free? How does one adjust their diet accordingly? We decided to delve deep into these murky gluten waters to… 

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Can a handful of nuts a day keep cancer away?

can nuts reduce risk for cancer

Nuts about nuts? Research continues to show evidence of improved health as a result of eating nuts and seeds. Nuts, seeds and legumes have been linked to reduced risk for diabetes and improved heart health for some time. But recent research has shown that there may actually be a link between eating these foods and… 

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World Stroke Day: Take Your Health to Heart

world stroke day

This month we bring awareness to World Stroke Day: 29 October. This day is a campaign to bring awareness and insight on the symptoms and dangers of a stroke, and how it can be prevented. What is a Stroke? A stroke is caused when the blood supply to a part of the brain is cut… 

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Health Benefits of Mango

health benefits of mango

It’s time to go mad for mangoes! What would summer be without a delicious mango or two or three? Fresh or dried, everyone agrees, mangoes are delicious. In fact, they’re often the ‘favourite’ in the dried fruit bowl too, right? If you are on the run during a busy work day, dried mangoes are a quick and convenient snack… 

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