Women’s Health Month: Five Must-Have Foods for a Woman’s Diet

Women's Health

Ladies, we get it. You love to eat, but you love working your favourite little black number too. The problem is, how do you get away with both? This is a puzzle that plagues the minds of many women. If you do your homework, you can choose food that tastes amazing and satisfies your craving,… 

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Netwerk24 Gesels Met Hannes Jansen


Dit het alles begin by “’n laaitie in matriek” en ’n selfoon. Montagu se Hannes Jansen, ’n dinamiese sakeman wat arm grootgeword het, het dit vir ’n arm seun moontlik gemaak om ook bo sý omstandighede uit te styg, skryf Murray la Vita van Netwerk24. Lees meer hier.

Men’s Health Month: Boost your Stamina with Healthy Whole Foods

Montagu Healthy lifestyle

If you’re anything like me, your car is your baby. On most days, my car looks like it’s just cruised off the lot. I spend way too much time on the simple art of cleaning and polishing my car. Carwash solution used by professionals, microfiber leather chamois and oscillating buffer in hand, I consider myself… 

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Ladies, take care of your man: Five ways to help him look and feel his best

healthy lifestyle

When it comes to lifelong health and thinking beyond the next meal, most men tend to take the ostrich approach: they’d rather bury their heads in denial than face the pain of changing their lifestyles. Where once your loving man regularly paid the gym a visit, now all he does now is pay a gym… 

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Men’s Health Month: 5 Favourite Foods for Dudes

Men's Health Month

It’s a rare day when a guy opts for fruit and veg over pizza and beer, right? Most of us would do a double take if we witnessed our man ordering the house salad instead of a juicy, sauce-smothered burger and fries. “Who are you and where did you come from?” June is Men’s Health… 

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