Behind the Scenes: Meet Our Packaging Team


MEET OUR AMAZING PACKAGING TEAM AT MONTAGU! We’re nuts about them! These amazing gentlemen help make sure that all your favourite Montagu snacks are properly packaged so you can enjoy the best possible product! ALFONSO PLAATJIES | PACKAGING MACHINE ASSISTANT What is your favourite part of working at Montagu? I like everything about my job…. 

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Fuss-Free Road Trip Nibbles for Kids

road trip nibbles for kids

“Are we THERE yet?” Every parent’s worst nightmare on a long drive, right? You’re no sooner out of the driveway before the incessant nagging begins. Enjoy a lot less “are-we-there-yets” with the help of Montagu’s super, fuss-free road trip snacking ideas below. You’re welcome! Firstly, remember the 3 P’s of Healthy Road Trip Snacking Plan… 

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World Blood Donor Day: Iron-deficiency Anaemia

World Blood Donor Day

14 June is World Blood Donor Day Today we are focusing on anaemia, a common blood disorder that affects many people throughout the world. Blood is a vital liquid that your heart constantly pumps through your veins, arteries and all throughout your body. When something goes wrong in your blood, it can affect your health and… 

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Behind the Scenes: Meet Team Quality at Montagu


Meet Team Quality at Montagu! These are the amazing ladies who ensure the absolute quality that Montagu Dried fruit and Nuts has become known and loved for nationwide. Cecile Odendaal | Quality Manager How long have you been working for Montagu?  This month I celebrate my 4th year at Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts. What… 

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Why Go Nuts about Men’s Health?

Men's Health

Men’s Health Week: 12 – 18 June If you’re a man, know a man, are married to a man, have a man in your fam… (you get the idea)… then you need to listen up! It’s Men’s Health Week and it’s time to get down to business… health business. Men, despite what you may feel, you… 

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