Montagu Pears Health Benefits


Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts choice grade pears are useful for a quick energy gain, as they are packed with carbohydrates. Pears contain vitamin C and copper. Vitamin C boosts the immune system; stimulating white blood cells to fight infections and copper protects the body from free radicals. Pears also contain a fair amount of vitamins… 

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What fruits come from Montagu?


Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts supply a range of dried fruits, some of which are grown, harvested and sun dried in the Little Karoo town of Montagu. These include Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines and Pears. The fruits are harvested during end November and early December and prepared by Montagu Dried Fruit (Pty) Ltd, then placed on… 

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Montagu “Hey Pistachio!…Wear’s Your Moustachio!”


“Hey Pistachio!… Wear’s Your Moustachio?” Competition Terms & Conditions:  HeyPistachio “Hey Pistachio!…Wear’s your Moustachio?” We have joined the Movember movement to raise awareness for men’s health during the month of November. This is also in line with our involvement with Cansa, who is the main beneficiary of Movember SA. We encourage all South African’s to… 

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