Health Benefits of Walnuts

health benefits of walnuts

It’s time to go “nuts” for walnuts! Here at Montagu we look for every opportunity to share the health benefits of our premium products with our readers. This week we’re zoning in on the wonderful health properties of walnuts. Health Benefits of Walnuts These are just some of the better known health benefits of including… 

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Franchisee of the week: Logan Cook

Logan Cook

Meet our franchisee of the week: Logan Cook Residing in Benoni, Logan owns our Montagu franchise in Greenstone, at the Green Valley Shopping Centre with the assistance of his wife Ruby and son, Bav. Prior to investing with the Montagu brand, Logan had traveled to Nelspruit for a business meeting but stopped for a snack, and… 

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Nuts for love


Nuts contain many nutrients and minerals essential to our health and overall well being.  Naturally, maintaining good sexual health is an important part of life for both men and women. Pecans and cashews are both good sources of l-arginine, an amino acid that’s thought to have a role in reducing impotence. Pecans are also high… 

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