Plum perfect prunes with pip


There is no dried fruit more misunderstood than the prune. It is so prejudiced for its wrinkles that in many countries marketers have attempted to give the prune a face lift by calling it ‘dried plum’. We keep it real in South Africa, so ‘prune’ it is. However ‘prune with pip’ is a misnomer but… 

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Prunes with Oats


Eating oats and especially with prunes is a healthy way to begin the day and also helps keep you regular. Of course this simple recipe is also very helpful for constipation relief. Thankfully prunes are tasty and naturally sweet with the added benefit of being packed with essential minerals. As with most things in life,… 

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Prunes Health Benefits


Sweeter than you Think: Five Reasons to Love Prunes   Ok, so the trusty old prune hasn’t exactly been the sexiest fruit in the fruit bowl. Well, I truly believe that prunes are making a comeback as one of the most versatile and health-beneficial foods available to us today. Here are five reasons to love… 

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Montagu Factory Shop Kloof Farmstall


Now you have another excellent reason to visit this historic and picturesque mountain valley village. Located at the entrance to the town at Die Kloof Padstal, you approach Montagu Factory Shop on the left when driving into Montagu. Discover the Montagu Factory Shop Kloof Farmstall for discounted prices! Great deals for the best value dried… 

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Easy immune-boosting food ideas


Dried fruits can be eaten on their own as delicious and healthy treats or combined with various recipes to add a bit of natural sweetness and crunch to any of your favourite foods and dishes. Add prunes and dried apricots to meaty meals and stews, mix raisins with the batter the next time you’re baking… 

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