Going Nuts for Mens Health with Montagu Nuts


Going nuts with 7 of nature’s best foods for a healthy lifestyle: People who eat a handful of nuts daily are 20 percent less likely to die than those who do not incorporate these healthy foods into your diet. They are also believed to lower instances of death. Researchers have found that people who consumed seven… 

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Guava’s amazing health benefits


Guava is a powerhouse of nutrients and if you are lucky enough to be able to The guava fruit and its leaf is very beneficial in the treatment of cough, cold, diarrhea, constipation, dysentery, skin care, scurvy, weight loss and high blood pressure. What makes guava exceptional is that protecting this fruit does not require… 

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Going nutty & fruity for brain and mood


“No nuts, no glory” the saying goes.   Nuts and seeds are good sources of the antioxidant vitamins E and B6, which protect brain-cell membranes and assist brain-functioning. So what better way to “arm” your school-going children for the day ahead? Another reason for seeing that their lunch boxes contain nuts, is that nuts are high… 

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11 Apricot Health Benefits


Apricots are highly rich in nutritional content. It is closely related to peach and plum in the way it tastes. Visit any Montagu store for choice grade Turkish Apricots http://bit.ly/MDFNStores A 100 grams serving of fresh apricot  provides you with 12% of Vitamin C, 12% of Vitamin A, 6% of Potassium and just 48 Kcal !… 

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Healthy lifestyle starts at home.


Obesity and poor nutrition in South Africa is a real concern, especially amongst the youth of our country. Studies show that there are a growing number of childhood obesity cases and it has become a worldwide epidemic with SA being the 3rd most obese country in the word.  61% of South Africans are overweight or morbidly… 

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