Eating nuts may be better for you than taking medication


According to an article published in a U.K online newspaper, eating nuts may be better for you than taking statins and doctors have said that simply by changing your diet may be better for some patients than taking drugs. Experts suggest patients should be told about healthy diet of nuts and oil and they believe… 

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Montagu Cashews Health Benefits


Aside from their popularity as one of the tastiest nuts, Montagu choice grade cashews also have numerous health benefits. Here a few reasons why you should incorporate this beneficial and healthy nuts into your diet. Find a Montagu store near you 1. Helps Prevent Cancer: Proanthocyanidins are a class of flavonols which fight against tumor… 

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Montagu Pears Health Benefits


Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts choice grade pears are useful for a quick energy gain, as they are packed with carbohydrates. Pears contain vitamin C and copper. Vitamin C boosts the immune system; stimulating white blood cells to fight infections and copper protects the body from free radicals. Pears also contain a fair amount of vitamins… 

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Montagu Choice Grade Pistachios Health Benefits


Seven health benefits of Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts Choice Grade Pistachios. Enjoy them as part of a balanced diet… in recipes or enjoy as a healthy snack. Find a Montagu store near you Eye Health Pistachios contain two carotenoids not found in many nuts. These carotenoids, called lutein and zeaxanthin, work as defensive cancer prevention… 

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