Recipe: Orange and Poppy Seed Muesli Balls

muesli balls

Special thanks to Teresa Ulyate of Cupcakes & Couscous for creating this recipe! Filling and nutritious balls of goodness, perfect for keeping the little ones energised at school and at home. Makes 25 Muesli Balls Ingredients: 200g pitted dried prunes 2 tbsp peanut butter (or nut butter of your choice) 50ml honey 1 cup plain muesli ½… 

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Recipe: Everyday Seed Loaf

seed loaf

Special thanks to Teresa Ulyate of Cupcakes & Couscous for creating this recipe! This is a wholesome seed loaf that is delicious sliced, enjoyed as is or toasted. The loaf also freezes well. Makes 1 large seed loaf. Ingredients 25g linseeds 30g sesame seeds 35g pumpkin seeds 25g chia seeds 200g brown bread flour 100g… 

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Recipe: Peanut and Raisin Energy Balls

energy balls

As a mom, you’re always looking for new, healthy and tasty treats for the family to enjoy. These peanut and raisin energy balls are delicious and packed with sunshine goodness, helping your family sustain their energy levels during the day. They are sugar-free with the natural sweetness of honey and raisins, and the peanuts and seeds… 

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Recipe: High Energy Almond Bars


These high energy almond snack bars are high in energy and the goodness of almonds, cranberries and sunflower seeds. They don’t contain flour or refined sugar, making it a great snack for a healthy active lifestyle. If you’re watching your waistline you can leave the chocolate drizzle out, but everyone deserves a cheat day every… 

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