Child Obesity in South Africa: The Challenge of a Weighty Issue


Did you know that South Africa has one of the highest rates of child obesity in the world? Recent research shows that about two thirds of South African women are classified as obese or overweight. It’s no surprise then that as adult obesity increases, obesity in children increases too. Child obesity in South Africa is… 

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What’s in a Bag? A Fresh Product Comes Down to Good Packaging


A fresh product doesn’t just come from fresh ingredients. It’s the packaging that makes all the difference. Good packaging is a key component that takes an average product and gives it “premium” status. Our promise to you entails giving you premium quality products, packed in premium quality packaging, topped off with premium quality service. So, what goes into… 

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Franchising Empowers Entrepreneurs and Builds the South African Economy

South African economy

We just need to turn on the news or browse online news sites to see that the South African economy is taking a beating and has been for a long time. Many economic leaders agree that small businesses are part of the solution to improve our local economy. However, they have continued to debate the ways… 

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“Mom’s Monday” Store Promotions in May


Here at Montagu, we love Moms! So much so, that we’re running our “Mom’s Monday” promotion at selected Montagu stores during the month of May! How does it work? Bring your mom or kids to our participating stores, on a Monday in May, and get 10% off your purchase. Which stores are doing it? MTC George… 

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“Love You More” – A Message for Moms-to-Be this Mother’s Day


I would roll my eyes when my mom would say, “One day when you are a mom, you will understand”. But like most things, she was right. For no matter how much you love your mom, your mom loves you more. A mother’s love is theoretical until the day you become one yourself. Trying to… 

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