Behind the Scenes: Meet Team Quality at Montagu

Behind the Scenes: Meet Team Quality at Montagu

Meet Team Quality at Montagu!

These are the amazing ladies who ensure the absolute quality that Montagu Dried fruit and Nuts has become known and loved for nationwide.

Cecile Odendaal | Quality Manager

MontaguHow long have you been working for Montagu? 

This month I celebrate my 4th year at Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts.

What do you love about your job?

I love working with people who want to positively contribute to the team and make a difference. Some of my best memories was when an auditor complimented the Food Safety team for the clean and tidy factory and the work we do.

Through all the hard work we manage to still laugh and have fun.

Hester de Wet | Quality Control Assistant

MontaguWhat makes you proud to work for Montagu?

I started working at Montagu the beginning of this year.

I am proud to be working for such a well-known brand who took a chance on an inexperienced student.

Now I have experience!

Merna de Koker | Quality Controller

MontaguDescribe your job in 3 words

  • Inspect
  • Taste
  • Approve
Maria Human | Metal Detector Operator 

MariaWhat is your favourite part of working at Montagu?

Making sure a safe, metal-free product reaches the consumer.