Montagu Walnuts 7 health benefits


Walnuts are tree nuts which have many health benefits and we mention just 7 health benefits attributed to this amazing nut. Find this tasty and very healthy nut at over 85 stores nationwide Montagu Walnuts 7 Health Benefits 1. Helps you lose weight Contrary to what people believe, walnuts are actually good for weight management since an ounce… 

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Montagu Dried Fruit Rolls Choice Grade


HEALTH TIP: Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts Fruit Rolls are the perfect addition for work & school lunches, a convenient and easy way to receive the health benefits of dried fruit. Fruit rolls make a tasty, chewy sweet treat and provide a concentrated source of energy and flavour. Choose from Guava, Apricot, Mango & Peach…find these… 

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Montagu Pistachio Pesto Recipe


Pistachios can assist to improve heart-health by reducing inflammation in the body. They also have a crunchy benefit of other nutritional positives. For a healthy lifestyle, see below for an easy to make pesto recipe.  Visit a Montagu store near you for Pistachios Seven reason why Pistachios are great for you, besides being a… 

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Montagu Cling Peaches Choice Grade


HEALTH TIP: Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts Cling Peaches are low in calories (100 g just provide 39 calories) and contain no saturated fats. They are packed with numerous health promoting compounds, minerals and vitamins. Find this healthy snack at a store near you               Peaches are a moderate… 

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