Apple Rings


Ingredients: Apple, Sulphur Dioxide Apples are comprised of minerals such as potassium; calcium, phosphorus; magnesium and selenium. There are lesser amounts of iron copper and zinc present as well. Apples are rich in vitamins; containing A, C; B6 and E.

This fruit is useful for many different dietary reasons. They are rich in fibre and antioxidants such as quercetin which acts as an anti-inflammatory, as well as an anti-carcinogenic agent. Eating apples can reduce the risk of developing colon cancer or type II Diabetes and can aid in the prevention of us suffering a stroke; struggling
with asthma or heart disease. Apples contain insoluble and soluble fibre. The combination of these two can reduce cholesterol levels significantly; reducing the risk of arteries hardening, heart attacks or a stroke.

The antioxidants present in apples also make blood less likely to clot. Vitamin C sustains and boosts a healthy immune system while chlorogenic acid also helps the body fight possible cancer. Apples can prevent constipation; block diahorrea; improve lung capacity and cushion joints. Apples are said to be most healthy when eaten fresh and raw or in a dried form. They promote the prevention of cell damage in our bodies and are ideal to be included in a diet for those seeking to lose weight or simply to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This dried fruit is ideal for hikers and adventure sportsmen/women, because of it is high in energy per weight.

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