Obesity in South Africa and the Pursuit of a Healthy Lifestyle

Obesity in South Africa

In the wake of National Obesity Week, we have realised that we need to do all we can to inform our followers about this growing threat to South Africans’ health. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa says that obesity is associated with a number of health issues and diseases including: type 2 diabetes… 

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Health Benefits of Honey: Hi Honey Infusions


We all love a little sweetness, don’t we? And who said being healthy had to be bland and boring? Hi Honey Infusions are delicious, nutritious, and bursting with health benefits! Health Benefits of Hi Honey Infusions Pure honey is known to help build your immunity against sickness Honey contains simple sugars, which are NOT the same… 

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Franchisee of the Week: Francois Loots

Francois Loots

Meet our Franchisee of the Week… Francois Loots! Francois heads up our store in Nelspruit and is a lover of all things Montagu. Young and ambitious, Francois believes in Montagu’s reputation for quality products: “Hierdie is ‘n passie vir my en om kliente nie net gesonde produkte maar well puik kwaliteite produkte te gee.” Francois is… 

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Top Tips on How to Impress Your Boss this Bosses Day

Bosses Day

We’re pretty sure that you’ve been working 9-5 long enough to know that impressing the Boss Man (or Boss Lady) is a difficult feat (especially around Bonus Time, right?) Be it for that simple word of acknowledgement, credit for a job well done, or even that small raise that you have been working so hard… 

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